Monday, October 22, 2012

my son watching tv

so my wife ameake was away this weekend to a spa with girlfriends, and my son fletcher and i spent the weekend doing various fun things. yesterday afternoon he asked to watch 'ho ho', (jake and the neverland pirates who say yo ho ho) then changed his mind quickly. while i was in the other room watching the walking dead on netflix he rushes in and asks for 'sheeshee'. i walk him back to the other room and say 'but i put on jake for you, it's what you asked for' and place him on the bed to watch. i leave the room to return to my show, and he comes in again asking for 'sheeshee'. this quickly developed into him tearfully and insistently pleading with me. it further developed into frustrated yelling on both our parts. eventually i call ameake to ask what the hell 'sheeshee' is to which she replies calmly 'mickey-he calls mickey mouse 'sheeshee'. i hang up and walk into the master bedroom where he is tearfully watching jake, undercovers in the middle of my bed, and i say to him 'fletcher- you want MICKEY?' he solemnly nods at me and i change the program to 'mickey's clubhouse'. problem solved...this is what he looked like

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

astrid and stormfly

we're having a bit of downtime @ work so i'm trying to do some more stuff for this blog...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012