Friday, December 9, 2011

over the hedge boards and various doodles


  1. These seem so effortless. The animated quality is very appealing. At the risk of sounding Decades young than I am..... I look to your work and others of your drawing sense as a guide for my boards.
    Thanks for Posting.

  2. I forgot to ask....If you don't mind me asking?
    How many stages of rough do you find you have to go through in order to pitch this clean?

  3. i tend not to do more than two stages for a couple reasons. first, if i'm doing three or four draw overs, the drawing gets 'worked' and loses appeal. do you know what i mean? i sometimes have to throw away all roughs and start over, and i find i'll get it after using a clean slate. and secondly, when i have a rough, i used to tighten with pencil, then ink. and what would happen is that i'd be so concerned with following the second tighter clean up pencil, that the ink line would lose spontaneity so i stopped doing the pencil tie-down and trusted myself to find the clean-up in ink.

  4. Hi Tom,

    Great work, I could look at it for hours.

    Do you know if any of the Over the Hedge storyboards/character drawings are available to buy online anywhere as prints?


    1. i do not actually... sorry i took so long to reply, i just saw this post. incidentally, i just posted a ton of over the hedge boards i ran across in my garage i kept all these years...