Friday, November 20, 2015

trouble in the barracks board, early dragons concept

this sequence is one from a very early version of 'how to train your dragon' i'm quite proud of. in this version of the film toothless was a tiny dragon, like in the books. here hiccup has been fighting with snotlout, gobber broke it up and sent hiccup to the barracks... hiccup has been teased mercilessly by the other kids because his tiny dragon is kind of lame and will not respond to training. hiccup is frustrated and goes to lay down on his bed. toothless, still very much a wild animal follows him in, and when he sees his reflection in a shiny shield he goes bananas, attacking his reflection. he pulls loose a bolt off the shield and chokes on it... hiccup initially laughs at the 'stupid' little dragon, but realizes toothless is in trouble and he goes to him, wrestles with him and pulls out the bolt from his mouth. at this point toothless has 'imprinted' on hiccup. he now sees hiccup as 'family'. when snotlout comes to further beat up on hiccup the tiny dragon comes to hiccup's rescue, but even that does not go well. i boarded this entirely from concept, so i 'wrote' it. this was the only sequence that actually made it through production to lighting before the film was scrapped

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